Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stealing Summer

I'll get back to the house soon, but been too busy to take photos and had some delays with things. Will get there, promise. 

Just a quick catch-up of what we've been up to in the last weeks of summer. 

Costumes seem to be a big theme of the Weans playtime, they have to dress up as whoever they are playing and the amount of time I, and sometimes the Chief, spend making or finding bits to put together outfits for all 3 of them seems endless. But they're getting better at making up things as they go along. 

To be honest, I'm not sure
A scientist

More scientists
New Rainsuit

They've become some serious posers. 
The excitement of new Angry Bird socks and clothes

She's taken to raiding the baby's things. Think we're going to have a bit of jealousy with this one. 
We now live right on the edge of Helsinki's Central Park and haven't really explored it, but we went to Haltiala Farm again in an attempt to find the pea picking in the area. We managed to find the flower fields, but no peas. The Finns aren't great at sign-posting things like that as everyone just knows where stuff it. Insider knowledge is a big part of getting into Finnish life. We have Facebook groups and other forum we use, but there are still blind spots in our vision. The kids loved the flower fields and the new areas of the farm we discovered where they could just run riot. We also discovered the river runs along the edge, so the kids watched ducks, kayakers and annoyed a mum and her daughter trying, with poor results, to fish.

Oh, yeah, and the munkki, we loves the doughnuts

The baby's due in about 4 weeks and yes, I'm starting to feel the pinch of time. I still have so much to sort out and my list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter and my free time everyday isn't getting any longer, even with all the kids at nursery and school. 

Speaking of, Mouse started school last week. He was really calm about it all, too calm for Mouse, until the morning of when it suddenly hit him and his head dropped to the kitchen table and he began to cry. We had a chat and I pointed out that for everybody in his class, including his teacher, this was a first day. They didn't know each other, they didn't really know what was going to happen, everyone was nervous and tomorrow, and everyday after that, would be a little bit easier as they would begin to get to know how things worked and who everyone was. That cheered him up and he explained it to his siblings confidently while I made breakfast. 

Shortly after he got there he was showing off his school supplies to a friend from his nursery, at least he knew one person in his class. 

He's going to an afterschool club since his classes finish between 12.30 and 2.15. With a half hour drive between the little Weans' nursery and his school and Pudding's soon-to-be presence, I couldn't face 3 school runs, so I decided that the club would make my life easier and I would pick him up after the little Weans. 

After his first day, he was fine with everything, except the afterschool club which he said made the day really long, though it was shorter than his nursery day. So I offered to pick him up an hour early, on the way to pick up the Weans rather than on the way back. I arrived at 2.30 and, of course, he didn't want to go, he was having too much fun. Now he's fine about the whole school thing, but he never remembers much of what he does every day, so I'm clueless to what Finnish school is like. 

After a great first week, Bump has had a bad second week. Foo, for many reasons - his Occupational Therapy, being kept home 'ill', his class not going out in the rain - has not been going out with Bump at playtime at the beginning of the day. She's been at a bit of a loss what to do as she hasn't really made any friends yet, though the teacher says she does play with the other children. She's been crying and screaming when I leave her, but the teachers are brilliant. They take her and console her and play with her until she's happy again. They don't like the parents' molly-coddling an upset child at leaving time, so I just have to go. I know she's in good hands, but it's still feels mean. This week Foo has Physical and Occupational Therapy, so she'll have a couple days on her own, but hopefully they'll get a few days together to build her confidence again. 

Super long post, guess a lot has happened. Hope you kept up. Would like to promise that I'll try to post more often, but who are we kidding?

Enjoy the beginning of autumn, the season has turned here in the snap, crack Finnish sort of way. Tons of rain and the temps dropping to a more bearable (for the pregnant of us) level. Hopefully we'll have a long, lovely autumn. 

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  1. aww you really have such a lovely family! I can't wait myself to travel to Finland this December despite the weather there at that time of the year. Finland is such a beautiful country! <3


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