Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ready for Nursery

Not been able to take the pictures I wanted of the upstairs as the painter was a bit delayed with finishing and the weekend has been pretty busy. I'm also doing a few bits and bobs I'd like to include photos of as well, so will hopefully get a house update done over the next few days. 

But this week has been busy with other things. 

The Little Weans have started/headed back to päiväkot/nursery. Bumpshie joined Foo at his nursery, but in a different room. She's been very keen about the prospect of going for months now and after a taster visit back in May was super excited, especially about the handful of Barbies they had to play with.

She started her first session indoors so had a chance to play with those Barbies, even got her daddy to help her dress them. She was perfectly happy on her first day, except there were a few tears at nap time because she mistakenly thought I had said I would come to get her at nap time, but other than that she was fine.

She spent that evening calling me äiti (mummy). Not even phased by the Finnish, though I'm sure the teachers fall back on English to help her along. Growing up way too quick for me.

After taking a while to get into a summer routine and then having it torn apart by the house move, I was a bit worried about Foo starting back at nursery. He's been talking all summer about his friend from nursery that he was excited about seeing, unfortunately his friend had graduated to primary school so I knew we wouldn't be seeing him again. Foo had bonded very strongly with him and I was worried he would be very upset to find out he wasn't going to be back at päiväkoti. 

But Foo took my explanation without a problem because he obviously figured he had bigger issues - he's a big brother and had to take care of his sister. He's been so good about Bump coming to nursery. He plays with her at outdoor times and that first day he kept asking where she was and keeping an eye out for her across the corridor. He's so proud of her and I love that he has been worried about her. 

It's nice that they have each other to make the transition a little bit easier. They are very close at home and now they have each other at nursery, even if they don't see each other for most of the day. Though I feel a bit strange leaving nursery on my own, I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. 


Ready to head off into the world, together. 

ETA: Oops, spoke to soon. Bump had a meltdown this morning because her class decided to play outside this morning in the rain, but Foo's didn't. So she was all confused and upset that she had no one to play with. 

We'll see how the rest of the day went later. 

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