Sunday, August 4, 2013

2 Weeks On - Before and After Living Room and Outside

Sorry, for being so quiet. Lack of internet access, tons of work to do, not knowing where my camera cable was packed and exhaustion kept me from doing an update.

We've been in the house for a week, but have had access and have been working on it for 2 weeks now. Working our butts off, to be exact. Painting windows, ceilings and walls in the living room, hauling furniture about, cutting back the overgrown mess outside. 

So here's some before and after pictures of a few aspects.

After clearing the creeper from the front that was threatening the balcony and roof by growing through them, the evil spruce that seemed to be spawning to the left and the thorny wildish roses that were threatening children and toys to the right.

The Chief got a bit cut happy with his saw, but I managed to save the crab-apple and keep him under control on some of the other dozens of trees in the front of the garden.

The living room is done, but not really decorated as we don't have a budget right now for much besides what needs to be done, but I hope to sort more things like curtains, light fixtures, etc over the next few months.

Before with dark doors, dirty ceiling and yucky wallpaper. 

Here's everything repainted clean white and after a trip to Ikea, some new bookshelves. This is the dining room section of the living room which we plan to use more as a snug, library kind of place as we eat in the kitchen. We have more books than that, but really need to make a trip to Scotland to empty our loft there and bring our real books home. 

This is the living room half. It will probably never be that tidy or uncluttered again.

The upstairs is still in progress. We got a professional in to do it as all the gabled ceilings, doors, windows and skirtings needed to be painted as they were stained in this horrible orangey colour. He's done the ceilings, etc, and is back this week to finish the walls. He taught us his technique for repairing the wallpaper, so you don't have to strip it. We used it in the living room and even in our amateur hands it looks so much better, so I can't wait to see the upstairs. 

The house is almost 30 years old so needs a lot of modernising. We're trying to make it livable just now and then will work on the bigger projects over time. I'm already much happier with it and after living in it for a week, realise it was a good move for us. The size is a bit over-whelming - I never know where the kids are shouting from so often wander from room to room trying to find them - but it it is nice having so much space for us all. 

We've put Mouse in his own room and the two little Weans together. It took a few nights to get used to the new set up, the first night they all ended up together, but they now are happy with it. Bumpshie is still learning to sleep in her own escapable bed rather than in a cot, but I already have a consistent routine set-up, so hopefully she'll learn to settle on her own soon without needing an hour of running around with her brother before collapsing. 

The little Weans start päiväkoti tomorrow, so it's back to early rises and stressful mornings, but I get the Chief at home for another week and Mouse doesn't start Primary 1 until next week. So will be putting the Chief to work for another week and then after they're gone will focus on getting ready for the baby's arrival. I'm due in about 6 weeks, but as I've gone early for 2 out of 3 Weans I want to get prepared. 

Hopefully there'll be another update at the end of the week. 

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