Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to Our Finnish Home

After three years and three rented houses, we have finally taken the plunge and bought our own home here in Finland. Well, in reality, the Chief has done all the heavy lifting and shouldered all the responsibility, of which I am eternally grateful. It's in a different area than we have been living, but it's closer to Mouse's school, so hopefully he'll be able to get there on his own in the future. I'll still have a bit of a commute to get the little ones to nursery, but hopefully we'll sort something new for next year. 

We had some bumps getting here; figuring out the bank and mortgage systems, dealing with an agent who doesn't speak much English, trying to translate surveys and contracts from Finnish, worrying about repairs and future expenses, but today was the perfect day to get started with our move.

We have our rented house until the end of the month, so we're going to move some things now, try and do a bit of work on the place before we move the big stuff. Today I took a few things over and spent the afternoon in the house, letting the kids run riot and just trying to figure out where to start. I sat on the floor of the living room for ages, at a loss. 

And then did what I do best, attacked the garden which is huge, overgrown and in need of serious TLC. I pulled down a bunch of Virginia Creeper that was growing over the front porch and upstairs porch. The Finns seem to love the stuff, but it can really damage a house as it almost burrows into the crevices of the house and roof. We'll need to cut down a lot of the bushes, small trees, etc that are growing too close to the house as well. 

But the best part of the garden is the four apple trees, lots of berry bushes and tons of space. Mouse spent hours getting himself in all sorts of contortions to reach and devour most of the raspberries so I haven't gotten more than a wee taste. The Chief has been told all the different apple types, but I need to write it down. We supposedly will get a good crop every other year, maybe not this year though as they had a good one last year. 

I want to strip some wallpaper, do some painting, etc. The Chief has taken some time off from the end of next week to help move and do this work, so hopefully we'll have a chance to get some of it done with three kids in tow.

Foo has decided the green windfall apples are yummy, that's not going to end well. 

Berry bushes

Unpacking our first meal in the house.
Our first day in our new house, full of sunshine, berries, running and day-dreaming (we'll ignore the hard work, back ache and occasionally grumpiness). May it be the first of many. 

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