Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun-Filled Crazy Days of Summer

Just when I think I'm keeping up to date with the blog, I notice there's 250 photos on the camera to upload. So I've managed to weed them down to 130ish once I've gotten rid of the Chief's multiple pictures of the same moment and the blurry shots of uncapturable moving Weans. 

We've had a busy couple of weeks, so this will be a short recap. 
Off to Heureka the science museum. They currently have an exhibition on the human body with lots of real bodies that have been 'peeled' to show the internal workings. Not as interesting to the kids as the dinosaurs of the last two years, but we had a good squint around and chat to go with it. They even had fetuses of various sizes so we could talk about how big Pudding is now. Yes, I know big is the only answer to that. 

Building a cabin. 
Ding Dong, the Wicked Brother is dead!

After Mouse and the Chief built the solar system model we bought at the museum. 
How we play.

Sibling birthday presents, a bit early, but we couldn't separate them at the toy shop. Foo's Lizard toy.
Bumpshie's new princess slippers. 

Indoor picnic when the weather ruined our plans. 
New skirt from Grandma.
Mouse's Graduation from nursery. He's wearing his karate gi because the night before he got his red stripe grading in karate class and was very chuffed with himself. He even said during the ceremony when he grows up he wants to be a kung fu teacher. 

Bumpshie getting face painted at the park after the ceremony. 
Tiger Foo
Playing with the dandelions in preparation for the grass being cut the next day. 

Think I'm starting to show a bit.

Squashing bugs.

Super hot day, to the beach!

Today we decided the paddling pool was easier. 

Think between the sea, sun, games, pool and general madness, we wore them out. 

Hope your weekend was eventful.

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