Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Birthday Bonanza

June is our big birthday month. Not only are there 8 family members with June birthdays, we have 3 in our immediate family: Bumptious, Foo and the Chief. All within 2 days of each other. So this past week has been a bit hectic with getting presents, organising things for nursery parties and our big birthday party today. 

And I admit, I kind of forgot the Chief in the madness. I feel really bad. We don't make a big deal about our birthdays, but I didn't even get the kids organised until the day of his birthday. He kind of knew this would happen and said so when I went into labour with Bump on his birthday, but he's a trooper and I love him. 

We gave both kids their presents on the Bump's birthday as we knew Foo wouldn't be able to wait an extra day. 

Mouse loves to help

Everyone's favourite toys Zoobs
And we had cupcakes that evening. 

We had a joint party today with Hello Kitty and Spiderman cakes. After last years' rain out, this year was perfect, so we had 10 kids running around with water pistols and swords, playing croquet and Spidermand and jumping on and off the swing set and on random willing adults. Lots of food, sunshine and chat. A lovely day. 

The Chief and I worked hard on the kids' cakes, one of the few moments our teamwork for making something has actually worked. We're literally not allowed to do any type of DIY together as our temperments don't mesh: I'm a bodger and he's a perfectionist. But with making cakes we each play to our strengths. I bake the cakes, organise the ideas and get the stuff. He does the fiddly bits around the fjords: the actual decorating where a perfectionist's eye is definitely needed. I'm really chuffed at how well our cakes turned out, especially with Bumpshie's very specific instructions of wanting a strawberry Hello Kitty cake with sprinkles. Well, she got a chocolate one, because Foo also requested a strawberry cake and after last year's fiasco, I wanted to give him that wish. They both were really happy and couldn't wait to eat it. 

The master at work

And here are the Birthday Babies' portraits: my big 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl. 

We also had Mouse's Sports Day this week, so a few photos from that as well. 

The 3 legged race. 

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