Sunday, June 23, 2013

Packing Begins Amid Midsummer Shenanigans

Have I ever mentioned I hate packing? Unfortunately as this is our fourth move in 3 years, we've gotten pretty good at it. 

We've made a start at getting organised this weekend: the boxes have been collected from a friend, packing tape purchased, first room approached. The playroom. We've sorted through the kids' toy boxes. They helped a bit by putting all their cuddly and soft toys in one box, while I constantly questioned them 'do you want to keep that', 'do you still play with that?' Then I and the Chief raided the other boxes and ruthlessly binned things, put stuff aside for charity, found missing bits, gathered together different parts of games and toys. Things are much more streamlined now. I have 2 bags for charity and one that quickly went outside to the bin so the kids wouldn't notice what we were throwing out. 

And if you're wondering, no, we don't know where we're moving yet. We finally got our mortgage deal approved over a week ago, so this weekend we put an offer in on the house we've been considering. It was rejected right away, surprisingly because it was Juhannus weekend and we didn't think anyone would be manning the emails. But the agent got right back to us and said it was too low and we needed to submit our next offer with a special form. We resubmitted with a higher offer and she said again it was too low but that she would submit it in the hope that the owners would counter-offer. So we're now waiting. 

But we're not sitting on our hands or putting all our eggs in this basket, I've also found 2 places that would possibly suit us to rent, so I hope to see those next week. We have one more offer on the house to make before we hit our decided limit, based on what we can afford, so if it's refused we'll just rent. We're not going to stress, though I would like to get this house. I am tired of moving and really don't want to do this again for a long time. 

Being now 6 months pregnant there is a part of me that wants to nest, to clear the house totally and start from scratch, but it's a very small part. I mainly want to settle, plant out my veg that are in too small pots, set up the baby stuff, get Bump into her big girl bed. I want to find a home.

This week will hopefully sort this all. We want to give our landlords our notice to move for beginning of August. One way or another, this has to come together soon. 

We've had a quiet Juhannus, Midsummer otherwise. Here's the view at midnight at our bit from either side of the house. The sun had just set, but twilight was still lingering and sunrise was due in less than 3 hours. 

We tried to get out everyday but the weather was a bit changeable  We went out for dinner last night at Cafe Carusel at the waterfront on the city centre's southern edge, Eira. It's hard to find some place that's open on bank holidays and Juhannus is a big one, but the whole seafront was jumping with people walking about eating ice cream, chatting. We then took the kids to a playpark across the street until way past their regular bedtimes. 

They've been staying up quite late to get them used to sleeping in a bit in the morning. Foo's nursery is closed so Mouse decided he wanted to finish his nursery a week early as well, so I have no more school runs for the next six weeks and want to make the most of it. 

Earlier in the day because it was raining, we filled one corner of the house with every cushion, duvet and pillow we could find to make a soft play area. They kept returning to it throughout the day and managed not to hurt themselves, so mission accomplished. 

Hope you've been enjoying the solstice. Keep your fingers crossed for our house battles this week. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Birthday Bonanza

June is our big birthday month. Not only are there 8 family members with June birthdays, we have 3 in our immediate family: Bumptious, Foo and the Chief. All within 2 days of each other. So this past week has been a bit hectic with getting presents, organising things for nursery parties and our big birthday party today. 

And I admit, I kind of forgot the Chief in the madness. I feel really bad. We don't make a big deal about our birthdays, but I didn't even get the kids organised until the day of his birthday. He kind of knew this would happen and said so when I went into labour with Bump on his birthday, but he's a trooper and I love him. 

We gave both kids their presents on the Bump's birthday as we knew Foo wouldn't be able to wait an extra day. 

Mouse loves to help

Everyone's favourite toys Zoobs
And we had cupcakes that evening. 

We had a joint party today with Hello Kitty and Spiderman cakes. After last years' rain out, this year was perfect, so we had 10 kids running around with water pistols and swords, playing croquet and Spidermand and jumping on and off the swing set and on random willing adults. Lots of food, sunshine and chat. A lovely day. 

The Chief and I worked hard on the kids' cakes, one of the few moments our teamwork for making something has actually worked. We're literally not allowed to do any type of DIY together as our temperments don't mesh: I'm a bodger and he's a perfectionist. But with making cakes we each play to our strengths. I bake the cakes, organise the ideas and get the stuff. He does the fiddly bits around the fjords: the actual decorating where a perfectionist's eye is definitely needed. I'm really chuffed at how well our cakes turned out, especially with Bumpshie's very specific instructions of wanting a strawberry Hello Kitty cake with sprinkles. Well, she got a chocolate one, because Foo also requested a strawberry cake and after last year's fiasco, I wanted to give him that wish. They both were really happy and couldn't wait to eat it. 

The master at work

And here are the Birthday Babies' portraits: my big 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl. 

We also had Mouse's Sports Day this week, so a few photos from that as well. 

The 3 legged race. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun-Filled Crazy Days of Summer

Just when I think I'm keeping up to date with the blog, I notice there's 250 photos on the camera to upload. So I've managed to weed them down to 130ish once I've gotten rid of the Chief's multiple pictures of the same moment and the blurry shots of uncapturable moving Weans. 

We've had a busy couple of weeks, so this will be a short recap. 
Off to Heureka the science museum. They currently have an exhibition on the human body with lots of real bodies that have been 'peeled' to show the internal workings. Not as interesting to the kids as the dinosaurs of the last two years, but we had a good squint around and chat to go with it. They even had fetuses of various sizes so we could talk about how big Pudding is now. Yes, I know big is the only answer to that. 

Building a cabin. 
Ding Dong, the Wicked Brother is dead!

After Mouse and the Chief built the solar system model we bought at the museum. 
How we play.

Sibling birthday presents, a bit early, but we couldn't separate them at the toy shop. Foo's Lizard toy.
Bumpshie's new princess slippers. 

Indoor picnic when the weather ruined our plans. 
New skirt from Grandma.
Mouse's Graduation from nursery. He's wearing his karate gi because the night before he got his red stripe grading in karate class and was very chuffed with himself. He even said during the ceremony when he grows up he wants to be a kung fu teacher. 

Bumpshie getting face painted at the park after the ceremony. 
Tiger Foo
Playing with the dandelions in preparation for the grass being cut the next day. 

Think I'm starting to show a bit.

Squashing bugs.

Super hot day, to the beach!

Today we decided the paddling pool was easier. 

Think between the sea, sun, games, pool and general madness, we wore them out. 

Hope your weekend was eventful.

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