Monday, May 13, 2013

The Sun Trap

A bit of a crazy week, two Mother's Day coffee mornings, two bank holidays, no regular medical appointments and sunshine. 

One big theme in the Clan house just now is fairies and princesses. The Fairy Bumptious or is it Princess Bumpshie? There's obviously some gene for pink princess madness and my daughter has it to spare. We haven't exposed her to much princessy media, but she seems to come by it naturally. 

The accessorising of her various costumes

The diva behaviour: showing off her ice cream covered face for the camera but then pulling a pout because there's a bit of ice cream on her thumb 

The affinity for the royal lifestyle: combing her long locks before a mirror and getting her prince to place her pink croc on her foot. We grin and bear it. 

We went to Suomenlinna Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and see some cannons. We had our lunch at Bar Valimo which is a lovely place to eat right on the water. There was lots of climbing and running, but it was really windy. Too bad we missed the kites the next day, once again I find these things out too late. 

We had another bank holiday on Thursday this week, so it's been a very laid back couple of days. The weather has been pretty nice so we've reclaimed our sun trap patio for laundry, planting seeds, lounging, playing. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day here and I had a lovely day. I had the perfect gifts: a lie in, a tidy downstairs, breakfast and tea ready for me and lovely pictures and cards from my Weans. Then we had a play outside in the sun. 

Waiting for her seeds to sprout, seconds after planting them.

After dinner we made dinosaur cookies. I couldn't seem to get Martha's recipe to work, so I pulled out some frozen ready made gingerbread dough and it was much easier for impatient children. We didn't have any plastic bugs, but the kids used our dinosaur toys to make footprints, imprints of their heads, tails and spines. Fun and yummy. 

Hope your weekend has been sunny and fun as well. 

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