Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blue Skies and Smiles

Mouse's nursery had a Cultural Party last week. The Weans got over-excited about it, but there were balloons, some silly prizes, face-painting and lots of other hysterical kids there, so it lived up to the hype for them. 

The kids did a fashion show of their culture's native dress. Mouse wore his kilt proudly and did cartwheels down the runway, but wouldn't take off his trousers because the kids would see his legs. I think he's been away from the home country a bit too long. Sigh. But maybe a good idea considering the cartwheels. 

Bumptious was adorable in her party dress. She loved the face-painting and wanted 'more paint' after most of her face was covered. Heaven forbid she ever discovers tattoos. 

Spring has finally truly arrived. Most of the snow is gone, except for the rare giant piles, the temperatures are steadily above 5C and rising. The grass is still a bit brown and only the earliest spring flowers have bloomed, but we're feeling much better for the sun and heat. 

Today we went to Kaivopuisto, a big park near the city centre. It's used for the big May Day (Vappu) gathering, families coming together for bbqs, picnics and drinking in the park, but we missed it. So after all my friends raving about it we went for a visit. And weren't disappointed. 

It's big, so lots of space to run the Weans ragged. There's a lovely cafe on the water front, Cafe Ursula which serves the usual Finnish fare, but has outside seats, a glassed-in room, great views and plenty of space, even on a busy day like today. 

There's also a big hill with an observatory, lots of rocks to climb, a rocky beach and a great play park. A lovely day was had by all and the Weans were utterly exhausted at bed time. Always a big plus in my book. 

He could get up but was too scared to climb back down. 

Foo was proud enough to get this far on his own. 

Just before I threw my hat, Odd Job style, at my cameraman. Diva model. 

I just realised that today is my 3 year anniversary of living in Finland. Feels odd that we've been here so long and no longer have any plans to leave. We're even trying to set more permanent roots by buying a house. The first year was really hard, for me at least, but now I feel like we've come through a difficult winter and spring will make everything all right. 

Blue skies and smiles, that's what it's all about. 

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