Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Sun

Today actually felt like spring, even though there are remnants of snow lingering. The kids spent most of the afternoon outside, getting to know the garden and patio again. I forgot what a lovely sun trap it is. We didn't really need coats, but the wind was strong occasionally. 

Honestly, I'm not skiving. I had already loaded the snow tyres in the car, set up the patio furniture, taken the kids out to get the tyres changed, bought some toys, picked up some veg plants and made the picnic lunch. I earned a wee sit down. 

But my work is never done. 

In other news, our house hunt continues, but we now have a bank on our side. We also got the news from Foo's nursery that we can live where ever we want, so our search has expanded back to nearer Mousie's school. We just need to decide what we want to do next and find a house that suits us. It's a big commitment and we don't want to jump until we find something we really like and that works for our family. 

Long may the lovely weather and the good news continue. 

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