Monday, April 8, 2013

Farm and Fairies

A couple of fairies came for a visit. 

 At the weekend we went to Haltiala Farm near Vantaa. We got a bit lost at first, but if you use the address on the site linked you'll find it ok. There wasn't much happening animal-wise and I missed the note that this weekend the lambs would be out, but the cafe is lovely and there was a nice little farm themed playpark to keep the kids busy, escaping from the Zombie that happened to follow them there. The Munkki (doughnuts) in the cafe are worth the trip. 

There's still a lot of snow here, and we got an extra 6cm or so last night, so there were still lots of skiers out. Next year we'll have to invest in some skis and try our luck as it would have given us a bit more to do there. The kids had fun, but I would advise going to the farm in the summer. The animals are outside and I can imagine as the snow starts to melt over the next few weeks the place is going to be a muddy pit. 


Only animals we saw all day besides a cat. 

The other big excitement of the weekend was taking our totally bogging car to the car wash. It was a long wait, but 8 minutes of excitement. Now I just need to hoover a winter's worth of dirt from the inside.

Oh, and quick update on the house hunt. Nothing yet. We've limited our search to the area we know is connected with the nursery as I still haven't heard from the two contacts I've been chasing up to find out where the exact boundaries are. We've seen a few houses, but nothing ticks all the boxes. We can get big enough, but it needs lots of work. Or no work required, but the layout is wacky. Or a little work required and very cheap, but not really big enough. Hope something shows up soon.

Have a sunny week!

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