Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big News

We're expecting Baby #4 in September. We had our 20 week scan today and all was well with our perfect little wean Pudding, so named because of a near Christmas conception. 

Just to answer the usual questions: it was planned, but it was still a surprise. My body had kind of stopped cooperating, so we had given up hope when a nice doctor gave in to my mad rantings and gave me the help I requested. Then things just fell into place. 

I love some of the interesting different poses the sonographers capture here. The top one below is my all time favourite. 

I'm less keen with the fact that the one we got today either didn't understand us or wasn't paying attention when we said in 2 languages that we didn't want to know the gender. And then after 'that's the leg bones' she announced, 'that the girl'. First time, I've ever known and it feels a bit weird. So, yes, number 4 is a girl, a nice balance in the Clan house. 

The Big Weans are happy, Mouse and Bump wanted to know the gender, they also wanted a girl. Foo who has been struggling a bit more with the concept of a new baby coming was a bit upset as he wanted a boy, but was soon placated with the news that he would be able to help out. 

So just to add to the mix of a stressful summer and early autumn of moving house, a big Stateside holiday, kids starting nursery and at a new school, I'll be heavily pregnant. I never take the easy road. But with the Big Weans at school all day, I'll be able to properly hide from the Finnish winter with my Finnish babe. Perfect. 

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