Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Day 2 was a trip to the Zoo. Not many animals were out but the kids managed to find things to do. 

Foo throwing a snowball. Yes, the Finns behind us are having a BBQ. What's a meter of snow when there are sausages to burn? 

Ice sculpture the boys added to.

Snow bunny

Mouse pretending to be an old man

Easter morning. The clocks went back so the Weans were up at 5.30am adjusted. Managed to convince them to stay in bed for another hour until Mouse noticed the trail of gummy bunnies leading down the stairs. They were eaten before I could get a photo. 

Foo's Easter present, a lioness.

Bump was more interested in the sweeties than searching for eggs.

At least she's willing to share.

Easter breakfast, French Toast with strawberries and chocolate. Could only be improved by someone else cooking and cleaning up. 

Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter. Happy Spring. 

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