Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bank Holiday

Four days off - luxury. Day One consisted of just letting the kids relax, but we did kick them outside to play in the snow. Mainly to burn off some energy before they began to gnaw each other's arms off in frustration. Must get out today. 

There is still a lot of snow as it's been very cold overnight,  something to do with a Polar Vortex or something, but everyday is crawling towards zero so it is melting by tiny increments. Think the Easter Bunny will be hiding his eggs in the snow this year. 

Only one casualty in the snow ball war between Mouse and me, Mouse got a graze across his face when a very large snowball actually hit him when I was aiming near him. Aim has never been my forte, all power and no control. Didn't stop him wanting to pummel me with more snowballs. 

Spring sun-bathing - Finnish style

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