Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Catch-Up

This will be brief as we're in the midst of a stomach flu epidemic, though I think we're down to our last Wean being ill. The Chief is looking a bit green around the gills as well. It's been a rough week. First, a throat virus got the boys and now this bug is going through the lot of them. 

Last weekend was much nicer, before the first germ hit us. Mouse broke a fever a few hours later. We went to the Children's Town again briefly, before heading to Cafe Capelli on Esplanadi for lunch and what I call Sledging Buns but what are traditionally called Laskiaispullat 'Shrove Buns'. They are cardamon sweet rolls filled with cream and jam or almond paste and are traditionally served around Shrove Tuesday with a pea soup. This year it fell around the half-term Skiing or Sledging Holiday, so I tend to call them Sledging Buns. Foo and Bump loved them, but they are messy. 

We then took a walk back along the park on Esplanadi and had a snowball fight. Think the Chief was whipped, but he also gave no mercy. 

The Finns keep insisting this is Spring, but with a meter of snow on the ground, more falling daily and a extreme lack of sunlight it certainly doesn't feel like it. We've had about 50 hours of sunlight since the beginning of December, it's been so cloudy and miserable even though the sun is rising earlier every day. 

I'll be glad to see proper Spring make an arrival in true Finnish style, with a sudden switch to blue skies and warmer temps. We could all use a bit of sunlight to pick us up. Send us some if you have any spare. 

Here's hoping for a quiet night with the Weans. 

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