Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Sports

Took the kids out to the local playpark to try out Foo's skates and to enjoy the sunshine. We didn't spend long there, probably not as long as it took us to get suited up, and we took tons of gear but in the end it was fun. 

While we were there a mum who was there with her daughter and partner offered us a chance to try out her daughter's cross-country skis. So all the kids had a short go at them. They were too big for Bump and the experience was enough to put Mouse off the thought of trying to ice skate, so it was really only Foo who tried them out, but he did really well. Maybe he's going to buck the odds and be our sporty one. He also tried out his skates, but wasn't as keen without all his friends around him. 

Mouse did some sledging later on and Foo slid down the icier hills on his bums while Bumpshie got pulled around on a sledge. We then went off for a mandatory lunch at the local cafe. A hard hour's work, but everyone came home happy. 

They'll make Finns out of us yet, maybe. 

A home-made kelkka. 

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