Thursday, January 24, 2013


Besides the school and paperwork palaver, it's been a quiet January. We've had our coldest day this year -27C. Luckily it fell on a weekend so we lit a fire and huddled around the telly for warmth. Sad, I know. 

But we're not totally immune to the winter wonders of Finland. Foo has been learning to skate. No, I haven't mixed my children up. Foo, who falls off chairs and has trouble walking across a room, is learning to ice skate at his nursery.  He's only 4 but there are other kids in his class who have been skating for years. Considering how bad his balance is, he did amazing, probably better than me after 15 years away from the ice. 

He mainly used a kelkka, the sled-like thing you see in the background of the first picture below. You use it for support as you slide across the ice. He was getting pretty good after only 2 sessions on the ice at pushing it around. He also had a go at skating while holding a teacher's hand and even by himself. He's ok if he doesn't try to push, if he just keeps his legs locked and slides away from the kelkka, but any sudden movement and he's on his bum. 

Mouse was suddenly jealous when he heard that Foo was doing well with the skating, so he wants a try this weekend. We'll see how that goes. 

Here's Bump to play us out with a little medley she wrote, called 'I'm a total ham'. Take it away, Bumpshie. 

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