Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of the Holidays - Good Madness

Tomorrow everyone's back into our routine of nursery, work, playgroups and appointments. Mouse and the Chief went back at the end of last week, but I had the two little Weans home and struggled to get things done when out in about, so I'm kind of looking forward to just one that can sit in the buggy or shopping trolley and not two determined to run riot or fight over the child's trolley or carrying the basket. 

It's been nice having a holiday with everyone home, but back to reality. But not without a catch-up. 

After all the snow over the Christmas period the run up to the New Year and well after it was rain and temps floating around zero. So all that snow began to melt and then refreeze at night and get rained on and and melt some more and refreeze. So now that it is about -5C again rather than a meter of fluffy dry snow, we have about 30 cm of hard snow and ice. But the wet snow while it was raining meant only one thing to my kids. Snowmen. Well, in this case a snowman and a snowdog. Somehow I ended up doing all the work though.

Hogmanay, New Year's' Eve, Uudenvuodenaatto was a quiet affair at the Clan abode as it always is. We got some sparklers for the Weans and took them out in the snow before bed to play. This unravelled into a snow ball fight between me and Mouse. I don't think there have been so many photos of me in a long time. Don't know how the Chief got a hold of the camera. 

The Chief and I were in bed before the Bells. With 3 littles it's just not worth staying up until crazy hours partying, they get up way too early regardless of how much you've had to drink, so we haven't bothered with a NYE party in a long time. 

Bumptious got a special present after Christmas. A fabulous fairy outfit made by the lovely Richelle at Ella Dynae. Bump was over the moon. I had to make her a wand right away. The outfit is wonderful and made so precisely that every bit that touches her skin is made to be as soft as possible which is much more comfortable that the skirt I tried to make. Bump is just adorable in it, her hair is made for that hairpiece. Richelle was lovely as well and consulted us on all aspects, so the outfit fits perfectly with room to grow but also suits Bump's personality. The wings are taking a bit of getting used to as they are big, but she loves to put them on. 

She's totally into her dressing up just now, the only one who loves getting dressed in the morning, so she will do a wee fashion bit for you. 

Jammies with tutu and crown. Mixing it up. 

Super princess with a dirty vest. 

And the ultimate in spinney dresses. You have to get the full swirl and flourish here to appreciate it. 

She's a character, no doubt. 

Hope 2013 has started out well for you and that it holds lots of wonders and surprises. 

I've stolen this from the writer Neil Gaiman, but it sums up what I hope this year will hold for the Clan and for you, Oh, Best Beloved. 

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art - write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself!

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