Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So This is Christmas . . . 2012

Christmas Market at Senatintori. We didn't buy anything but makkara and bratwurst. It was too cold to do more than just wander through and let the kids watch the blacksmiths and people watch. 

Christmas Even consisted of new jammies, watching Christmas movies (Home Alone) and Santa on NORAD and junk food. 

All ready for Santa coming. 

Santa's been. He put up a wrapping paper barrier to keep little monsters from coming downstairs, but everyone slept tight. Lots of presents awaited, especially since our friend brought gifts from home. Mormor skyped and watched the kids open their presents, but it was pretty much chaos. 

Mouse said it was the best day ever, so think we did pretty well. 

Cinderella in her new princess dress from Mormor. 

We were supposed to go out for dinner with some friends on Christmas Day, but their little boy became ill so they cancelled and after a heavy lunch watching more and more snow fall, we decided to stay home and just take it easy. It was a lovely holiday. The first one in a long time where I didn't feel miserable or like something wasn't right. We, of course, missed our family, but it was nice just to spend time making our own little traditions.  

About 20 cms of snow fell over the holiday, so a lot of shovelling had to be done. 

On Boxing Day I took the kids down to the beach just to get some fresh air after staying inside all Christmas day. After digging out the garden again, I pulled them in the sled and then we climbed around on a big snow pile made by ploughs. The water is frozen and we probably could have walked quite far out, but I would never try for fear of thin ice. After all that I was exhausted and Bump was fed up with snow and cold. 

All in all a lovely couple of days. I really enjoyed the whole laid back atmosphere of not having to make a big meal and just going with the flow. Some things I will definitely do next year, like our Christmas Eve movie night. 

Hope to catch up with some friends over the holiday week. And then roll on 2013. 

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