Monday, December 17, 2012

Mouse's Big Show

This Friday was Mouse's big Christmas show and party. The boy done good. I knew he wouldn't have a problem with his lines as he had the whole play memorised and repeated it over and over for me, but I was a bit worried about his nerves and his self-confidence. 

His teacher is brilliant and very aware of his personality, so though she gave him one of the bigger parts, he was exchanging lines with a friend. He was never on 'stage' alone and the two boys had a wee rhythm going as they each said a line. He was an absolute star, he only was a bit late with one line when he was making faces at his sister. He spoke loudly and clearly and of course sounded the best of all the kids because his natural affinity with language and being the only one who spoke only English at home. He was also a bit funny with his face and actions. 

I'd love to put bits of the video on, but since he's never alone I don't want to post other people's children. 

Foo and Bump sat well throughout the show and only spoke up a couple of times. Father Christmas came afterwards and all the kids got pressies. Then there was the usual chaos of food and chat. 

We put our tree up this weekend. Mouse and the Chief braved yet another storm to fetch the tree and then sang 'Deck the Halls' while putting up the decorations. Bump and Foo weren't interested until it was up, then Bumpshie just wanted to pose in front of it.

Then my little ninjas did some practising. They're all getting so big. 

I can't believe another year is almost over. I need to get my year Christmas card catch-up written, but haven't found the energy or inspiration yet. 

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