Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Prep

Last minute Christmas whirlwind here. Agreed to bake cookies for about 4 different things so been baking like mad. And no one's really eating them, but us. I've been leaving a trail of cookies wherever I go and I still have tons. 

Here's a tray I made for Foo's Christmas Parent's Association Fundraising Fete or something like that. Don't ask me all the various emails were in Finnish and I spent way too long trying to figure out why they were talking about Whelks and Snails rather than understanding what we were doing it for. Turns out it's the name of one or maybe two of the classes in Foo's nursery, I agreed to make cookies of course. I think the Finns were scared of them. 

But then who can eat cookies outside in -5C and in a snowstorm. At least they had coffee and glöggi to take away the frostbite. Even Bump gave up after a bite or two. Though she liked the sledging down the stairs. 

The Joulupukki came. That's Father Christmas. He didn't quite know what to think of the chunks of snow Foo kept giving him. 

We've also had Foo's Christmas party. The Finns sure like to do things differently, it started at 8am. I forgot my camera, of course, I can barely remember how many children I have at that time of the morning. Had to use my phone for photos. Bump gave an impromptu dance recital before the concert began. Then the kids came out and Foo planted himself right in front. 

He didn't really sing any of the songs, but he was very cute and behaved himself. That's Santa Lucia in the back, quite popular among the Swedes here. 

Only decent photo we got as the Chief caught someone else's flash. 

Then there was puro and more glöggi. 

Think he enjoyed his first Christmas concert and party. 

We've also been making and decorating salt dough ornaments with friends and at home. 

Discovered Bump has a thing for glitter. Can she get any more girly? She won't wear a shirt for longer than an hour now. It has to be one of her spinning dresses. I need to find some long sleeved ones for winter. 

All this Christmas preparation has taken it's toll on us all. I've been multi-tasking - shovelling snow and taking home the sleeping children. I can't carry Foo very far any more, he's just too heavy. Bump waited inside while I finished up. 

Hope you're all getting ready for the holidays. Can't say I'm organised yet, but I have a bit of time, don't I?

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