Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Flop and Blizzard Antti

I had planned to do a big post of the Christmas Parade, but things didn't go to plan. The website that had the details wasn't in English so Google Translate and I did our best to figure out what was happening. There was supposed to be a pre-parade show at 2pm and then the parade at 3pm. We were there just before 2pm and a couple of Moomin characters were dancing and singing on the steps of the Senaatintori. A choir came out and sung a few songs, a quartet came out and did some strange song about Herrod and then the Moomins came out again. 

A small parade walked by us and the kids were getting cold and very bored. 

Though Foo did like playing around with Helsinki's mascot Helppi. 

The Angry Birds, which were the big attraction for the boys, finally showed up and were a big disappointment. Father Christmas also made an appearance, but was so far away that the kids were no longer interested. After 3pm the crowds filled the pavements for the parade and we realised we were on the wrong side of the square. We were all cold, bored, tired and grumpy, so we went home without seeing the big parade.  Damp squib. 

Bumpshie and I made muffins. She's trying to lick her elbow which had batter on it. 

This week, we've had a house guest and a sick Mouse. 

November ended with our first blizzard. Lumimyräkkä Antti, Snow Blizzard Antti, it was bad enough to warrant a name. Two days of swirling, icy winds, zero visibility when driving and tons and tons of snow. It was my first chance to drive in snow for a long time and it took me a while to figure out the car, not something I really wanted to try in a blizzard, but I survived the trial by ice, so to speak. 

I cleared the path from the front door to the car three times each day and every time I returned my hard work was buried in more snowfall and drifts. 

The kids loved it. 

The Chief got up early on Saturday after the storm had passed to clear the path for me and dig out the car so I could take his friend back to the airport. I unfortunately didn't get to take him sightseeing because of the sick Mouse and the storm, but he entertained himself and seemed to have a good time. He graciously transported gifts for the Weans from our Scottish family. They're going to love getting pressies from their grandparents and cousins this year. 

So we're dug out and tucked in for the weekend. Sounds like a fire is required. Welcome to December. 

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