Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random Photo Catch-up

I'll have a big post to do soon so I thought I'd just put some photos to show what we've been up to lately. Nothing exciting, but the usual silliness. 

Most of these photos are Bump, but I'm spending a lot more time with just her now that the boys are off being edjamacated. 

This week we visited Annantalo for the first time. We made some new friends and played around a bit. Actually the mums were so busy talking we forgot to go to the Art Lab bit until the end, but Bumpshie and her new friend has a blast messing around with the prehistoric sculpture stuff that we'll have to go back with the whole Clan some time. 

They were so excited by what they had made that they were just a blur from jumping. 

Bump was also given her first Barbie by a lady in a cafe we frequent while Foo is in OT. It's a little Happy Meal one, but she's very chuffed. At least it's not the stereotypical blond blue-eyed beach Barbie. She's a dark haired and skinned vet with a pink medical bag and stethoscope. Heavens help me. 

Same cafe a few weeks ago, she was so cute I couldn't resist. 

The boys discovered the glasses that Mormor left here on her recent trip. Mouse looks particularly handsome, I must say. 

And the Wean's usual pursuits of dancing, eating ice cream and ninja training must be remembered. A busy life they lead. 

Have a nice weekend, hope to update with some fun soon. 

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