Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Autumn Catch-up

After two weeks of trying to get the Weans to go to the a leikkipuisto that a friend has recommended they finally gave in. Getting them out of the door is nearly impossible at the weekend, especially Mouse. He just wants to stay inside to play with his toys and watch telly. Once we're in the real world they're fine, but getting them dressed and out the door is excruciating. 

So we discovered the Angry Birds playpark in Espoo. 

Next week Mouse is attending his first Karate Birthday Party which took a lot of gentle persuasion to convince him it would be fun to go to. He is very resistant with the new. But I'm sure he'll love it. 

Last hints of autumn.

Halloween is a bit of a non-event here in Finland. We tried to go to a expat-party but it was overbooked and we couldn't get tickets. I made costumes for the kids anyway, ninjas for the boys as they are obsessed with Ninjago currently and a tutu for dancing Bump. It was a good excuse to eat cake. My cake decorating skills have not advanced any. 

Enjoy the last of autumn, we've had another bout of snow, so I think we're in for a long winter. 

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