Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mouse is Six - Growth Spurt

You may have noticed there seems to be few photos of Mousie Magoo in this blog, at least next to the dozens and dozens of Foo and Bumps. It's not that I don't try to take lots of him, but it's not an easy job. He prefers to be in constant motion and is always talking, so I often get unusable blurred shots or ones with his mouth in odd positions. He also tightens up when I do get him to stop moving as he's not comfortable with the spotlight on him. 

So why he decided to humour me this weekend and actually let me take lots of photos of him in different locations as we went for a walk, I'll never know but I'm grateful. He must be growing up. Last year when I tried this he was moaning at me after the first 5 shots. 

He's a bit of a comedian and loves to pose in hero type stances. He also loves playing at being a soldier, clone or superhero, so I often had to ask him to put down his weapon for a shot. He obliged most of the time, so I didn't force him to stop his games too often to sit still for my camera.  

But sometimes I managed to catch him at just the right moment before he took off on some new adventure. 

So my Mouse is 6. This time six years ago I was tucked up in hospital preparing to introduce him to our family and friends. I was exhausted from the traumatic after-birth issues, but enjoying getting to know my little bundle before the masses arrived. 

In his first year, I see now, I was never good at sharing him with others. I would constantly hover until they handed him back, hating every moment away from him. Now I feel him beginning to leave me for the bigger world of school and friends. And I'm reluctant to let him go. Luckily, he still likes to report back what he's doing - our little Narrator - so I learned this week that he didn't want to take books to school because the ones we had weren't cool like his friends' (must remedy that) and that he didn't finish colouring his fish today in Maths, but had matched all the numbers on his fish. I know it won't be long before he doesn't share these things with him Mum. 

He'll often surprise me with a spontaneous cuddle from time to time and other small signs of affection which I cling to like these moments when he sits long enough for me to capture my amazing boy in stillness. Only then do I get a glimpse of him growing into the person he will someday be, millimeter by millimeter, day by day. 

My beloved son. 

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