Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bumper Weekend

A lovely autumn weekend. Busy with glorious weather and mostly happy children. It's been hard to manage all three these days, but this weekend we had it all. 

Saturday was Mouse's birthday party. Like last year he only wanted a few friends to come to the house. I'd like to say it was a quiet affair, but with three 6 year olds, a 4 and a 2 year old and three adults it was anything but quiet. Foo went out with the Chief for a while, so Mouse could have some big boy time with his friends. They ran about, nibbled on snacks, played with some toys. When the Chief and Foo came back I ran all the kids around outside, burning off some sugar before we did a treasure hunt and had some cake. 

Melted chocolate and strawberries

Want a marshmallow?

A treasure hunt clue.

Sharing the treasure.

Angry Birds cake and Pigs cupcakes. Strangely enough some liked the cake and some liked the cupcakes, but they were made with the same cake and frosting. There's no figuring out picky school boys. 

The Chief decided to occupy the little ones by having them help with raking the leaves while the boys played with their toys from the treasure hunt and Mouse's presents. Actually, I'm not sure if he meant for them to help as I'm sure he got less done that way. 

My turn!

Sunday was another lovely day. I started mowing the grass that had gotten way out of control in the past few months of constant rain. But once everyone was dressed and ready we went of to Kallahden and Villa Ullas. No korvapusti today, but their other pastries are just as delicious. I had planned to take some birthday photos of Mouse, but couldn't ask for better scenery and light. I'll post his pictures on his birthday, but for now, here's a bit of our walk. 

The kids are so much fun now that they're all able to do the same kind of things. 

Hope your weekend was as chock-full of sun, laughter and sugar. 

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