Friday, October 12, 2012

Äiti and Foo's Autumn Phone Pictures

My phone is cheap. Instagram won't even work properly on it. It takes reasonable photos, but because it's cheap and mostly made of plastic I don't mind letting the kids take photos with it.  Goodness knows, I drop it more than they do. 

Sometimes their view of the world is breath-taking, the odd angles, the lack of focus or interest in getting the shot right or worrying if people are looking at the camera. Other times it's worrying. Have you ever noticed that bums are always in a child's line of sight? Give them a camera and you soon discover this when you have 80 pictures of your ever-so-larger than life arse. 

I've been letting Foo play with my phone's camera because it require him to multi-task in terms of senses and motor skills. It's amazing how many things we actually have to do to take a picture. Simple tasks that we take for granted, but for him can tie his mind and fingers in knots in seconds. Holding the camera without covering the lens, using a finger or thumb to push the button, holding the camera up high enough to see the picture, but to also have the subject in focus, not moving the camera while pushing the buttons. 

I end up deleting dozens of photos after his session, partially because they're blurry and just bad, but sometimes because they're of other kids or adults that he doesn't have permission to take photos of as he likes to practise when we play in the park while picking up Mouse from nursery. 

But here's a taster of some of his photos and some of mine of him and the other Weans. 

Bump's new friend. And we thought her hair was curly. 

Searching for chestnuts with Mormor

Yes, that's my finger. After explaining over and over that Foo needs to keep his out of the way. sigh

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