Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inching Forward

After using deep pressure to calm down one of Foo's tantrums the kids decided playing caterpillar was fun. 

A month into his nursery experience and he is enjoying it more. He has a few friends, he doesn't cry any more when I drop him off. But he's still finding the transitions between activities hard, he can't seem to remember what happens next, so panics I'm not coming to get him, or doesn't believe the teacher that it's time for lunch. So has mega tantrums. 

The teachers also say he's very stubborn. Stubborn, my Foo? If he decides he's doing something, it takes a bit of persistence to convince him otherwise. Welcome to my world. 

He's had a rough week at home, don't know if he's been up in the night again as he has a bit of a rough sounding cough at night, or if he's not feeling well or is tired from nursery, but every transition or request I make at home is met with screaming. He is constantly saying 'I'm not very good at X or Y' when I ask him to do it, even though he knows how to do it. He may still need help, but he knows he only has to ask, but to get to that phase we have to have a meltdown first. 

I'm sure it'll pass, but the 'caterpillar' is one technique I use for mega-tantrums. It uses deep pressure to help him refocus on what his body is doing and to relax. I roll him up in the blanket, head out of course, and then cuddle him on my lap. This day it calmed him down enough to eventually sit and the table and eat something. 

We'll get there, this new routine is a lot to get used to for all of us. 

Foo also had a go at colouring this last week. He hates colouring as he knows it's difficult for him. His grip is poor and he can't focus to colour in the lines or to control the pen. He had a huge strop trying to make me colour in the Angry Birds picture, but I refused. Eventually he spent about 5 minutes, doing quick, rough scribbles in the right colour over the birds and pigs. But then his siblings got a colouring book out and they coloured together. 

It's the most time he's spent colouring in ages. 

And here's just some crazy games, I can't remember what they were playing, but from their costumes I don't think they knew either. 

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