Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Just for fun, I googled the term bumptious and learned it means 'overly confident and self-assertive'. Pure coincidence as her nickname came from the fact that she fell a lot when she was learning to crawl and walk in our first house in Finland, with its crazy stairs. Boy, I hit that nail on the head. It totally matches how I see her right now. Terrible twos, eh. She is the most bumptious of Bumpshies. Good thing she's awfully cute as well. 

Her attitude to life reminds me a lot of a Billy Connolly sketch which had a woman saying: I want this, I want that, I want it done like this and I want it done right now. And pay attention because it's all going to change tomorrow. 

She knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it and just to make sure she's totally in charge she may change her demands at any moment, so heaven forbid you're not giving her your full attention. 

She's got all the tricks worked out. Bedtime is a minefield, she wants certain stuffed toys in bed with her, but often she doesn't want to cuddle them, they are pushed to the bottom of the bed, but if you don't have them in there, you'll hear about it. She wants her blanket on and off and on again. Not on her bear, on her back and around her toes, but not on her face then off again. She asks for a drink, a cuddle, to use the potty. For me to sing 'Soft Kitty', yes, from The Big Bang Theory or 'Doggie Song' (How much is that doggie in the window) but will interrupt me because she wants it sung differently or wants another song instead. She screams and cries for Daddy, then for me. Some nights our trips up and down to deal with Miss Bumptious can take an hour, other nights 5 minutes. 

But she's amazing, she loves cuddles and playing with her brothers whether it be with her dolls or with toy guns. She draws really well for being only 2 and is sharp as the proverbial. She loves to dance and sing. Today she was putting imaginary plasters on Mouse's hurt finger and kissing it better with a total straight face. 

She is all cheek and always knows what she's doing, she'll push every button and limit just to see if you've changed your mind or aren't on your toes. I pick my battles, but some day wish there were less of them. 

Truly Bumptious, but she's my daughter, I expect no less. 

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