Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To the Island

After a lovely evening out with some new friends, I asked them where we should go this Sunday for a change. Make the most of the end of summer, I was told, go to Iso Vasikkasaari.

So to Big Calf Island we went. We didn't have much time as we started off late, not due to my small hangover, but due to the Chief making the most of his lie-in. And also a bit to our less than organised route-finding. Even with phone GPS we often get lost. 

The boat trip was surprising short on the way out, but long enough to get the Weans excited. Then there was woods and big empty expanses of road. 

I can't even try and keep up with them any more. 

We had a late lunch at the Vilan Gula, Finnish expensive, but lovely grown-up food. Again there was plenty of space for the Weans to play about and let us finish our meal in relative, but noisy peace. 
Bump still eating the dregs. 

All this fresh air and good food makes you want to dance.
If you're a Bumpshie Baby, that is. 

We weren't the only ones making the most of the nice weather. Thanks again, J, for the great suggestion. 

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