Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Home?

I know I should be uploading all the holiday photos, but feeling a bit less than enthusiastic. This trip home was odd, I never felt right most of the time.

I didn't feel properly at home. Maybe it was because we were staying in rented accommodation, not a friend's house nor our own house, but a very basic flat in the South Side, complete with noisy neighbours banging the close door and playing their telly too loud. It had a small infestation of ants and some strange big bugs with wings which wasn't fun. The boys were hyper at night from sharing a bed after they both fell out and hurt themselves on the side table when they were in the singles. So they were up 2 hours later than usual which made for a stressful evening.

We seemed to spend a lot of time on our own this time. While a few friends and family wanted to see us, others didn't seem too bothered or if they did come along were distant, making us feel less than welcomed. I know people are busy and their lives have moved on without us, but this time there was a definite feeling of detachment.

It got to the point I was actually looking forward to coming 'home', mainly to be in the comforts of our own house. But then the ride home from the airport was awful. Not only was it 3.30am and everyone was overtired, stressed and grumpy, but I had this overwhelming realisation that I was back in Finland. Back to the struggle with the language and to fit in with people, back to the upcoming winter, back to having little social life.

So I feel a bit lost between two homes. The Chief and I have decided once again that the only way to get on with things is to make an effort with our lives here in Finland. We have some new friends here that we really enjoy spending time with, we just need to make the effort.

So fingers crossed this will be the last depressing post on here, at least until it starts to snow. Insert a half-smiley.

So here's some photos. Didn't actually take too many other than the wedding, but once I find a good place I take tons.

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