Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Only Five and a Half Weeks to Go . . . Sigh

Here's those photos I promised of Miss Bump's curls when under control. This stage never lasts long. 

Halfway through the first week of summer holidays with all 3 Weans at home and we're surviving. The first day was a bit of a wash out. The kids were great in the morning while I cleaned and exercised, then starting fighting and whining when I suggested they get dressed and we leave the house. It was raining, so I suggested a museum. Great choice, but I forgot all the museums in Helsinki are closed on Mondays, even though I mentally reminded myself Sunday night. That's how tight the steel trap of my mind is these days. 

So we trekked all the way into town for me to realise this problem across the street from the museum. The kids took it really well, even Foo, who kept apologising to me that the museum was closed. He's been doing so well controlling his frustration. So I took the kids to McDonalds to make up for it, but noticed on the way that Ice Age 4 was on. So I went in and asked when the next English showing was. Just an hour away, great, time for lunch.

And in true Finnish fashion the woman at the ticket counter failed to tell me that there was an age limit for the movie, though I was stood there with 3 obviously under 7 children, telling them we could go after lunch. So got them all excited about seeing the movie, they ate their lunch quick, trekked back to the cinema only to receive the second blow of the day. Once again, they all took it in stride. 

We went to some shops as I'm looking for shoes for Bumpshie and me for the upcoming wedding and I bought the kids a present each. Parental bad planning guilt. 

Tuesday went well, into town to our expat group which meets in a park with a pool, boys loved it. And lunch with the Chief.  Lots of walking so they were exhausted at bedtime. 

Today two of Mouse's schoolmates came for a playdate. In a matter of 5 days they've gone from happy little boys, to bored teenagers. All our books and toys were boring, meaning for little kids, even the ones Mouse loved he agreed were boring. Peer pressure sucks. 

We got the waterguns out, there were enough for one for each boy, and they ran riot for a while, mainly trying to escape Foo. Poor Foo, just that wee bit too young and awkward to be in their gang and he just played Lego Star Wars when the older boys went off to do their own thing and Bump slept. He does one controller and I do the other as he can't manage them both yet. Together we're still bad at computer games. Luckily, he doesn't care. 

So tomorrow Mouse goes to a friend's for a reciprocal playdate. We'll see how well Foo does when he can't stay with him, a true test of his new patience. He is getting so much better, but is easily stressed in new situations. Took him to a birthday party this weekend and he just couldn't handle the noise (15 kids with horns, who can?) and commotion and wanted to go home after an hour. He was very calm about asking, but obviously very miserable. Don't get me wrong, he still pulls out a good tantrum here and there, but now he mostly just gets pig-headed and disagrees with you about everything if he's feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, but life is so much easier than it was 6 months ago.

Here's a photo round-up of the last week or so. 

Daddy dressed me. 

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