Monday, July 23, 2012

Korvapuusti - Worth the Slap

Korvapuusti translates as 'slapped ears'. I can only guess it has to do with the swirls at the side of these cardamon and cinnamon buns. They're more doughy and less sweet than American style buns, but really yummy. 

Our Sunday didn't start in search of cinnamon rolls, it started with mowing the grass and cleaning the house. I've fallen a bit behind with things as Bump and I had a bit of a bug earlier in the week and then I put my back out on Thursday lifting my not-so-little daughter, so my usual cleaning routine had fallen by the wayside. I hate doing it, so it wasn't difficult to just ignore the mess, but I definitely see the benefit of doing something everyday, so will try and get back on the horse again today. 

So once the house and garden was once again pretty much put to rights, we decided we needed a late lunch and I couldn't be bothered to cook. So the Chief hit the net in an attempt to find somewhere to enjoy the last of the weekend sun. We ended up at Villa Ullas in Vuosaari - only ten minutes by car. It's a small cafe right on the sea, next to a small and safe beach surrounded by a lovely park. 

It's also the home of the biggest and loveliest korvapuusti I've had since being here. We were a bit late for lunch so most of the sandwiches were gone but we managed to get the Weans to eat something before handing them cinnamon rolls bigger than their faces. 

Needless to say they were a hit.

We then wandered over to see the ducks at a little jetty and then over to the beach for a splash before the sun slipped behind the clouds and trees. A wonderful end to a too short weekend (we'll ignore the stubborn strop as I tried to convince Bump to walk back to the car, for the purposes of maintaining the idyll). 

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