Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Midsummer / Hyvä Juhannusta

Longest day. Last night we went to bed at midnight and there was still a touch of light in the sky. The sun was almost set, but it obviously had no plans to stay down for long. It bounced back this morning with another Finnish blaring blue sky. 

So we went to the beach, as you do. It's the first time we've gone with the idea of allowing the children to go in the wter, it was still a bit too chilly last time, though that didn't stop them. But today, suits and towels and sun cream galore it was 5 minutes down the road to our local beach. 

Bumpshie loved it. She's inherited Mouse's love of sand and can spend hours just shovelling and moving it about. Foo brought his shark, whales and dolphin so he was a happy camper. And Mouse got to splash about and crawl on the rocks. I managed to dissuade the Chief from swimming out to the island, I'm an old stick in the mud and wasn't crazy about sitting in the sand for hours, but I enjoyed watching the Weans have fun. Must try harder. 

Speaking of trying harder, we've been putting in some time entertaining the kids out of the house. It's museum time again. Took Foo and Bump to the Natural History Museum this week, and Bump was mesmerised by everything. Strange to think almost 2 years ago I was wondering if I'd have her in the cafe. Foo was absolutely brilliant, the best museum guide she could have. 

Also did the Heureka, the Science Museum last weekend. More dinosaurs. Not going to post those photos as this thread is pretty photie heavy. 

You might notice in the beach pictures that the boys are a little harder to tell apart these days. 

I took Foo and Bump to get their hair cut and the hairdresser misunderstood 'shorter' for 'short' and before I realised how short she was going, we were committed. He's still cute, but I miss my ruffled Foo. The Chief took Mouse and I'm still not sure if it was Mouse, the Chief or the evil hairdresser who decided that he needed to go that short, but aggghhh!!

I know it'll grow back and it better do a bloody good job before the big family wedding in August, but I'm just not ready for these guys to grow up. I keep getting them mixed up from the back and occasionally get a side glimpse of Foo and swear my baby brother is in my house. 

Bump got her curls trimmed as well, but they are always such a dishevelled mess you can't really tell. I get it all brushed and wet down so her curls fall all lovely and then she moves and they fly up like Medusa's hissing locks. Here's a before and after. 

Will try and get one after it's been tamed. Ha, right, that child will never be tamed. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

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