Friday, June 29, 2012

Bursts of Light and Energy

I'm a woman on a mission. Don't ask me what that mission is but I have had a burst of energy and ideas and revamped my mornings. After the school run, which is thankfully over this week, I come home to tidy up the kitchen from the breakfast explosion, empty and refill the dishwasher, put on a load of laundry and then I do more cleaning. Seems mad, especially if you know me, but I've decided to tackle one thing a day: the kitchen, toilets, floors, upstairs, windows, etc and do them really well. It has helped to keep on top of the constant tidying. There's still clutter, I can't seem to escape that, but I'm feeling like I've accomplished something. 

It only takes about 20 minutes and then I'm free to exercise. Yes, me, exercise. Several people have recommended the 30 Day Shred to help lose weight and tone so at a whim I tried it. It's killer, none of the moves are terribly complicated, but the idea is too keep you moving and working for 20 minutes. But I'm actually enjoying the wee buzz from it. Now that we have a car and I'm not pushing 2 kids on a buggy, I definitely need a bit more exercise. And I have a wedding in August I'd like to look good for, so I've done 3 of the 30 days and am tired, but still enjoying it, well, as much as you can enjoy exercise. 

Foo and Bumpshie join in with the exercise and sometimes the cleaning, but they are getting really good at playing together. Often they just go off to their playroom for 20 minutes and play with their toys while I buzz around with the mop or do 50 gazillion jumping jacks. 

Last night when the Weans were asleep and the Chief was preoccupied with his computer shenanigans, I was witness to a brilliant and unexpected light show. Unfortunately not the Northern Lights, which we have yet to see in this country, but a sunset reflected in a a heavy, rolling storm cloud. It was an amazing whirlwind of colours. 

Have a great weekend. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Midsummer / Hyvä Juhannusta

Longest day. Last night we went to bed at midnight and there was still a touch of light in the sky. The sun was almost set, but it obviously had no plans to stay down for long. It bounced back this morning with another Finnish blaring blue sky. 

So we went to the beach, as you do. It's the first time we've gone with the idea of allowing the children to go in the wter, it was still a bit too chilly last time, though that didn't stop them. But today, suits and towels and sun cream galore it was 5 minutes down the road to our local beach. 

Bumpshie loved it. She's inherited Mouse's love of sand and can spend hours just shovelling and moving it about. Foo brought his shark, whales and dolphin so he was a happy camper. And Mouse got to splash about and crawl on the rocks. I managed to dissuade the Chief from swimming out to the island, I'm an old stick in the mud and wasn't crazy about sitting in the sand for hours, but I enjoyed watching the Weans have fun. Must try harder. 

Speaking of trying harder, we've been putting in some time entertaining the kids out of the house. It's museum time again. Took Foo and Bump to the Natural History Museum this week, and Bump was mesmerised by everything. Strange to think almost 2 years ago I was wondering if I'd have her in the cafe. Foo was absolutely brilliant, the best museum guide she could have. 

Also did the Heureka, the Science Museum last weekend. More dinosaurs. Not going to post those photos as this thread is pretty photie heavy. 

You might notice in the beach pictures that the boys are a little harder to tell apart these days. 

I took Foo and Bump to get their hair cut and the hairdresser misunderstood 'shorter' for 'short' and before I realised how short she was going, we were committed. He's still cute, but I miss my ruffled Foo. The Chief took Mouse and I'm still not sure if it was Mouse, the Chief or the evil hairdresser who decided that he needed to go that short, but aggghhh!!

I know it'll grow back and it better do a bloody good job before the big family wedding in August, but I'm just not ready for these guys to grow up. I keep getting them mixed up from the back and occasionally get a side glimpse of Foo and swear my baby brother is in my house. 

Bump got her curls trimmed as well, but they are always such a dishevelled mess you can't really tell. I get it all brushed and wet down so her curls fall all lovely and then she moves and they fly up like Medusa's hissing locks. Here's a before and after. 

Will try and get one after it's been tamed. Ha, right, that child will never be tamed. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Round-up

I haven't had much energy to think about this blog lately, just other things getting in the way. 

Bit of news, had Foo's Occupational Therapy parent discussion and it went well. We have a good idea what is up with him and what needs to be done and how long it will take. In short he has Sensory Modulation issues (his reaction to the information from his senses is either extreme or non-existent) and Postural Disorder (low muscle tone and an inability to control and make his muscles do what he wants). He'll need OT for two years at least. His OT is absolutely smitten with Foo, of course, but has been struggling to find how best to stimulate him and to calm him as his focus isn't brilliant, but she's seeing a light. Unfortunately she's closing up shop for the summer so he won't be seen until we come back from Scotland in August. Same time as he starts his new nursery, so that is going to be a stressful few weeks. 

We had the big birthday party last weekend, and the BBQ was rained out. We're not having a brilliant summer, we've had a few spectacular days sandwiched in between rain and cold. But some friends came by, there was cake and child craziness, so all was good. Foo asked for a strawberry cake and I'm afraid it wasn't my best accomplishment, but it looked cool. I even accidentally got the candles right to suit all 3 of the birthday boys/girl. The strawberries were the best part of it. 

Bumps and Mouse really liked the marshmallows and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Chocolate lips don't lie. 

The sun did come out in the end and the kids got to run outside for a bit and burn off the sugar before heading home. 

Foo loves the microphone I got him, as does Mouse. We've had renditions of Billy Idol, AC/DC, 'Somebody that I used to Know' and The Automatic's 'Monster' all weekend. We have some hilarious videos, but they're too long to post just now. 

He also loves his David Attenborough 'Mammals' DVD I got him though he can't sit through a whole hour episode. 

Mouse got them the best pressies, a crocodile and polar bear figures for Foo and a new Hello Kitty doll for Bump, to replace the one she lost in Scotland. He really thought about the kids and what they would like. He's growing up so quick, they all are. 

I'll spare you the hundreds of photos of the snakes that we took at the Tropicario Reptile Museum, but here are a few.

But that's a place we'll have to revisit in July when I have all 3. It's small, but Foo loved it. 

Halfway through another week and it already feels so long. I miss all the classes and things the kids have on during the winter. Though it's a pain to drag them about it does make the day go faster and is an easy means of entertaining them. 

Hope you're enjoying the long summer days. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Foo is Four - Hip Hip Hooray

I can't believe he's already four. It seems like only yesterday he arrived almost too quick for the midwife. He's been on the go ever since. 

Though at first, I felt like I rarely caught a picture of him with his eyes open before he was 3 months. But when he was awake he was always smiling and content.

He was an easy baby, at least compared to his brother, but that may have been more down to us being more experienced and relaxed the second time around. He took to everything naturally. 

He can be the most mellow and happy of chaps around. But as a true Gemini he can do a 360 in a matter of seconds and tear the world apart. His life has been full of ups and downs, but he is blessed with resilience, our own brand of stubbornness that will not allow him to give up on what he wants and the ability to charm the birds from the trees (and grumpy old Finnish ladies), so I believe he will do well in this life, not matter what it throws at him. 

Half of his life in Scotland, half in Finland. He has grown up so much over the last year, developing his own interests and finding ways to cope with the trials life has thrown at him. He loves letters and numbers, but his real passion is animals. He wants to know everything about them and could talk about them and look at them for hours. 

He is the most musical child, can't play an instrument or properly pronounce words to songs, but everything in his life is accompanied by music. He sings, almost operatically, full of feeling and animation, to whatever he does and remembers tunes easily. I love hearing him sing the tunes of classical pieces that he picks up on TV along with the silly childish ditties he makes up while he's playing.

He is caring and loves nothing better than being close to the people he loves, holding hands or curling up in a lap. He has a great sense of humour and not a self-conscious bone in his body, both of which will carry him far.  

So we can celebrate Foo, cheeky, charming, whirlwind that he is. My darling boy, happy birthday. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby No Longer - Bumptious is Two

Happy birthday, my baby girl!

Bumpshie, full of cheek and joy. Full of song and shouting from her very first days, she has always made her wishes known. Her crinkled smile and curly locks make her impishly cute, but at times she can be a serious wee soul, watching and learning quicker than you imagine.

She's already the third musketeer, part of her brothers' gang. She is their comforter, wiping tears away and offering cuddles, and their biggest fan, laughing at their jokes and joining in with their games even if she doesn't understand. Often she's even the ring leader of their mischief. 

Maybe she's too much like me, I can see us butting heads in the future, both too stubborn to back down, but I'm glad she's strong-willed even when I have to deal with the fallout of her not getting her way.

She intelligent and sweet, funny and cuddly, so amazing. I never imagined myself the mother of a daughter, but now I can't imagine a day without her saying 'Mummy, cuddle'. 

Don't grow too fast, my love, I can't keep up. 

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