Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now, Hopefully, Comes the Wind Down

What a month it's been! Between going to Scotland, having to sort out the house there for re-renting, and then, coming back and having less than a week to pack and move to the new house and clean out the old one - I feel like I've been packing, cleaning and unpacking for the entire month. But most of it's done now. 

But I'm jumping ahead of myself. Here's some photos of our last play in the old garden. Finland is living up to the blue colour in its flag with some spectacular clear, sunny days. We returned to a country in the full flush of spring. 

We could leave the doors open and let the kids run riot. Here the boys are shooting clones or ghosts or some baddies of a random variety. 

We put out the table and chairs for the returning owners, along with all our chairs for cleaning. They are now stored away as we are once again in furnished accommodation. 

The sun makes a difference to everyone's mood.

And on to our new home. The plot it sits on is huge, but the house not so much. I wish they would have filled the patio space with house, they still would have so much garden. Have had some major teething pains: trying to fit in the boys' bed, discovering that you can't open 2 doors at once in the hallway, tripping up the same stair over and over again and down another stair over and over the first few days, but now we're getting used to it. 

The Chief with his fave books already unpacked. The light in the house is brilliant.


This is the view up from the living room into the kids' playroom. Again I would have preferred a lower ceiling and an extra room, but obviously the architect wasn't thinking family home. 

This kind of sounds like I hate the house, and I did for the first day, but I don't. It's really well thought out and designed, but just not exactly perfect for us. 

This is why we decided to rent the place. The garden is big, safe, enclosed and easily accessible. We just open a door and they can run in and out as they please (with me shouting about taking off shoes as that sandpit sand gets everywhere). 

The third room which the previous owners used as a study (only one child) is now the kids' playroom as their bedroom is too small for their junk, umm toys. The room is very masculine and formal but bunnies, Angry Birds and dinosaurs soon put paid to that. 

The Weans' bedroom may be small, but the giraffes, elephants and monkeys make it the perfect place to sleep. That and the blackout blinds for the bright, bright sun.

The master bedroom has a little sun room off it. I have visions of having my breakfast there some morning, but can't see it happening as my mornings consist of catering to Bumpshie's constant and varied demands for 'more'. 

So we're moved. I have a few boxes left to tackle and a few things to pick up, but my feet are up, I have tea and chocolate and anything else can wait a few days or weeks. 

I am done moving . . .  until at least December. 

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