Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

Some flowers from our recent trip to the Helsinki Zoo, Korkeasaari.

We go to the zoo here a lot. It's small, self-contained, so that you can see most of it in a day. It has play areas, a few beach areas for throwing stones and feeding ducks, animals, ice cream, food (ok, very expensive food) and lots of space to run about and burn energy. That last bit is important for our lot, we like to wear them out on a weekend so they'll go to bed easily and we can have the night to ourselves. 

Summer has hit full blast, everything growing like crazy. We can finally take all our coats off. Though it feels a bit odd that only 6 weeks ago we had snow still lingering. Taking off all our layers somehow feels risqué. 

Foo loves animals, so the zoo is his Mecca. He loves the tigers and the bears best, so we always go there. This time one of the tigers decided the best place to sleep was right by the viewing post. I almost couldn't drag Foo away, except with the promise of ice cream and climbing to the lookout tower. 

The little Weans have been getting into having free run of the garden. Shoes off in the grass, picking dandelions, running because they can. It's lovely to watch. Though I need to get some summer routine going, but I love the lazy afternoons.  

We've had some brilliant rain storms as well. 

And randomly, because it was bath last night and I managed to get all the knots out of the back of Bumpshie's hair. It's amazing how similar Foo and Bumpshie look when you take their hair out of the equation. 

The next morning it was a rat's nest again, of course. Enjoy your week. 

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