Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Foo is Four - Hip Hip Hooray

I can't believe he's already four. It seems like only yesterday he arrived almost too quick for the midwife. He's been on the go ever since. 

Though at first, I felt like I rarely caught a picture of him with his eyes open before he was 3 months. But when he was awake he was always smiling and content.

He was an easy baby, at least compared to his brother, but that may have been more down to us being more experienced and relaxed the second time around. He took to everything naturally. 

He can be the most mellow and happy of chaps around. But as a true Gemini he can do a 360 in a matter of seconds and tear the world apart. His life has been full of ups and downs, but he is blessed with resilience, our own brand of stubbornness that will not allow him to give up on what he wants and the ability to charm the birds from the trees (and grumpy old Finnish ladies), so I believe he will do well in this life, not matter what it throws at him. 

Half of his life in Scotland, half in Finland. He has grown up so much over the last year, developing his own interests and finding ways to cope with the trials life has thrown at him. He loves letters and numbers, but his real passion is animals. He wants to know everything about them and could talk about them and look at them for hours. 

He is the most musical child, can't play an instrument or properly pronounce words to songs, but everything in his life is accompanied by music. He sings, almost operatically, full of feeling and animation, to whatever he does and remembers tunes easily. I love hearing him sing the tunes of classical pieces that he picks up on TV along with the silly childish ditties he makes up while he's playing.

He is caring and loves nothing better than being close to the people he loves, holding hands or curling up in a lap. He has a great sense of humour and not a self-conscious bone in his body, both of which will carry him far.  

So we can celebrate Foo, cheeky, charming, whirlwind that he is. My darling boy, happy birthday. 

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