Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Berry Blue Skies

The blue skies have been fierce lately. I actually have a bit of a tan from sitting in our garden. 

Here's Bumpshie on moving day, covering herself in sand from her very own sandpit. She also loves the swing set and I am constantly pushing her. So much for leaving them to entertain themselves for a few minutes. 

Here's a few random photos I took while waiting for Foo to finish his Occupational Therapy appointment. Spring is bursting out all over. 

He's doing really well with his sessions and comes out a totally different child: calm, aware of his body and what he wants. It's brilliant. Hopefully, he'll benefit from having an extended period of sessions over the summer before he starts nursery. 

Can't remember if I mentioned how happy I am he's gotten into this nursery. I can't wait for him to start, but we'll have to figure out how best to introduce him to it as we're going on holiday just as the nursery starts, so we'll delay him until we get back. 

We went down to the local beach, only 300 metres away. It is small and sheltered and lovely. Hopefully we'll get some swimming practice in this summer as none of the kids can swim. Of course they all ended up with wet trousers by the end of our visit. Who can resist water, sand and jumping on rocks?


Mouse spent ages redoing channels down to the sea. I remember how serious that was as a child and how you could waste hours on it until your neck was sizzling red. 

Can't remember why they're sad here. I know I was kind of gutted that the ice cream shop wasn't open yet. 


The spring term of things is ending, we're soon be into the summer one where most things finish like our gym class, a few new ones start like the leikkipuisto will start their summer lunch and activity programmes.

In August, Bumpshie and I will go to the gym class alone. We're looking forward to it. 

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