Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby No Longer - Bumptious is Two

Happy birthday, my baby girl!

Bumpshie, full of cheek and joy. Full of song and shouting from her very first days, she has always made her wishes known. Her crinkled smile and curly locks make her impishly cute, but at times she can be a serious wee soul, watching and learning quicker than you imagine.

She's already the third musketeer, part of her brothers' gang. She is their comforter, wiping tears away and offering cuddles, and their biggest fan, laughing at their jokes and joining in with their games even if she doesn't understand. Often she's even the ring leader of their mischief. 

Maybe she's too much like me, I can see us butting heads in the future, both too stubborn to back down, but I'm glad she's strong-willed even when I have to deal with the fallout of her not getting her way.

She intelligent and sweet, funny and cuddly, so amazing. I never imagined myself the mother of a daughter, but now I can't imagine a day without her saying 'Mummy, cuddle'. 

Don't grow too fast, my love, I can't keep up. 

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