Friday, April 6, 2012

Signed on the Dotted Line

We finally have a house for our next move. It's not ideal, but a good move. 

We're having to say good-bye to Herttoniemi which is a shame as we know it so well and really like it here. There have been no houses for rent large enough for the Clan. I also couldn't find a house near Foo's and Mousie's nurseries. So we're moving to a nearby area called Marjaniemi - Berry Bay. The school run is going to be a bit of a pain, especially since I'm going to have to do all of it again, instead of letting the Chief take Mouse in the morning, but it's not undo-able. 

The house is a bit of a compromise as well. Not the biggest or the cheapest. It's also a fixed term contract until August 2013. 

I really wanted to find a house that we could settle down in without the worry of having to move again, or the stress of finding some place else to live, but it just wasn't happening. 

This house is totally furnished to a really high spec, so we'll have to store a bit of our stuff, but there should be space on the property. It also has all kinds of cool features like underfloor heating over the whole downstairs, special alarms that text your phone when there's a problem. The main thing that sold it however is the large garden space - totally enclosed and accessible from the house. 

I'm looking forward to be able to open the big glass doors and just let the kids run in and out as they please. There's also a sand pit and swing set in the garden, so I don't need to trek to a park if I don't want to. 

Our second choice was much larger and cheaper, but had dangerous stairs up to the living level and down to the garden which was open and a bit hazardous. And we would have made up the difference in rent by having to buy almost everything for the place. 

As we only have work confirmed until the end of the year, this was a good option. We will most likely be here until August next year and the owners were so desperate to get someone in the house as they are moving abroad next month, so they agreed to our request for a discount and for a extension of the lease with the option to change the terms.

I don't have any photos yet, and they've removed the link on the agent's site, so you'll just have to wait until we move next month to see it. 

I slept so well last night, relieved I think to have this problem off my plate. I'm sure I'll find a few other things to stress about soon enough . . . sigh . . . 

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