Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Stuttering In

It's doing it's best to arrive, but it's not finding it easy. 

The temperature is jumping about 10 degrees a day from about -5 to 5C so we have a mix of ice, slush and a gritty sand-like snow, depending on the shade and location. The sun is brilliant and makes up for a lot. A couple days now I've been able to sit in the park and soak up the late afternoon sun while the kids mess about in the snow. Makes a change from standing, shivering in the dark. 

News flash: The Chief's contract is slowly wending its way through the various levels of bureaucracy and unless my Fairy Godmother gets him a job in Scotland in the next week, we're staying in Finland, at least until the end of the year, more likely until next summer. 

17-3 Update: Chief got his contract, but isn't happy with it, so it's gone back for further debate. 

So we're house-hunting. We have until the end of May, but would really rather be out sooner. We haven't been able to find anything in our current area which is a shame as we do like it here, but the places we're looking at aren't too far away. I'm hoping we'll find something as nice as what we have, but with some of the kinks ironed out, but that may be a pipe dream. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us. 

Haven't got any pictures of the dripping world, will remedy that this weekend, I hope. 

Here's some from last weekend, the Weans enjoying the snow, still a couple of feet left out there. 

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