Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Kalevala Day

Last weekend we didn't go out, but doesn't mean we did nothing. 

Important Clones lessons were passed on. 

Made it out twice this weekend, for shopping and sledging, in an attempt to make something more of our weekends. Hard work as everyone including the Chief and I would be happy to just stay in the warmth and play, read, watch telly, but then everyone gets tetchy and stir crazy. The alternative of organising the whole Clan to go out when we're all reluctant isn't much fun either. 

Bumpshie joined in with the family love of blueberries. 

And Mouse continued with his Jedi training. And yes, I'm sitting on the toilet, but only because Bump is in the bath and I'm keeping an eye on her. 

Today is Kalevala Day which celebrates the national epic of Finland, The Kalevala. I have to admit I haven't read much of it as it's a bit heavy going and the translations I've seen don't always help, but here's a wee taster, part of the First Rune, where the earth is created, from duck eggs. 

Then the daughter of the Ether,
Now the hapless water-mother,
Raised her shoulders out of water,
Raised her knees above the ocean,
That the duck might build her dwelling,
Build her nesting-place in safety.
Thereupon the duck in beauty,
Flying slowly, looking round her,
Spies the shoulders of the maiden,
Sees the knees of Ether's daughter,
Now the hapless water-mother,
Thinks them to be grassy hillocks,
On the blue back of the ocean.
Thence she flies and hovers slowly,
Lightly on the knee she settles,
Finds a nesting-place befitting,
Where to lay her eggs in safety.
Here she builds her humble dwelling,
Lays her eggs within, at pleasure,
Six, the golden eggs she lays there,
Then a seventh, an egg of iron;
Sits upon her eggs to hatch them,
Quickly warms them on the knee-cap
Of the hapless water-mother;
Hatches one day, then a second,
Then a third day sits and hatches.
Warmer grows the water round her,
Warmer is her bed in ocean,
While her knee with fire is kindled,
And her shoulders too are burning,
Fire in every vein is coursing.
Quick the maiden moves her shoulders,
Shakes her members in succession,
Shakes the nest from its foundation,
And the eggs fall into ocean,
Dash in pieces on the bottom
Of the deep and boundless waters.
In the sand they do not perish,
Not the pieces in the ocean;
But transformed, in wondrous beauty
All the fragments come together
Forming pieces two in number,
One the upper, one the lower,
Equal to the one, the other.
From one half the egg, the lower,
Grows the nether vault of Terra:
From the upper half remaining,
Grows the upper vault of Heaven;
From the white part come the moonbeams,
From the yellow part the sunshine,
From the motley part the starlight,
From the dark part grows the cloudage;
And the days speed onward swiftly,
Quickly do the years fly over,
From the shining of the new sun
From the lighting of the full moon.

And some photos from our snow storm this morning. We've beaten last year's record of 79cm, but I'm not sure by how much. Really when you have this much snow does it make any difference?

I took Foo to nursery today to play in the snowstorm, no one would consider going inside and picked him up in a blizzard.   Luckily, they had gone in by then. They are die-hard about getting the kids out in all weathers here. 

It's still snowing. 

And special hugs to family members and friends who are suffering with illnesses. Wish we could be there to offer more than virtual hugs, but we are thinking of you all. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The heart of winter. Stepping through the bitter and truthful. Hopefully marking an arrival at a new stage. 

Make a wish. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


After a few weekends of -20C, sick babies and general apathy with all things winter, we finally braved the hills this weekend. The temp was a balmy -5C so we could spend an hour out without too much hassle. It really made a difference to our moods. 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Under My Feet

An idea I've been playing with for a while

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