Friday, January 27, 2012

Sun in my Eyes

Yesterday when I picked up Mouse from nursery at 4pm there was an odd sensation in the air. Everything seemed to have lifted up just that little bit higher to give me room to breathe. And then I realised, it was bright out. The sky was still white as it has been for a few weeks from the constant fall of snow, but there was a tiny perceptible difference. The background hum wasn't darkness, it was daylight.

This morning at 8.30am while sorting out breakfasts and dishes, I glanced outside and once again there was that unfamiliar light feeling. The sun was rising, there was even a hint of blue sky. 

The sun has poured over us all day, accompanied by an icy blast just to remind us that winter ain't over yet. But having to squint into the sun as well as the wind, made a big difference to my daily slog through the snow. 

A sliver of moon and a single star followed us home this evening. I didn't even feel the need to make a wish. 

I'm stealing this quote from my good friend Ms Finch. I needed this reminder. 

Once in the midst of a seemingly endless winter, 

I discovered within myself an invincible spring.

Albert Camus.

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