Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foo's Morning at Playgroup

Thought I'd post these photos as I've been printing some for Foo to help him deal with the many different routines he has to face every day. This is his playgroup routine.  I didn't take most of these photos, so I apologise for the quality. 

They always start outside for an hour, unless it's raining or below -15C. 

Then they come in, get their outside stuff off and their slippers on. He won't put his slippers on for me and getting him to undress himself is an ordeal. Wish I knew their secret. 

Foo loves to play on his own with the plastic animals. He has certain faves, like the lions and dinosaurs, usually depending on what movies he's into at the moment. He's learned the Finnish names for the ones he plays with regularly. 

He's not so much into art, hence us having no picture of him doing any. But the teacher tries to lure him with his love of animals. 

Then it's snack time. 

Then free time again. 

Pretty packed for just three hours. Though he's still learning the finer social graces of playing with others and doing what the bosses (teachers) want him to do, Foo loves his time at playgroup. 

And so do Aiti and Bumptious. 

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