Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Clutter

We made it through Christmas intact. It was a quiet affair, but the kids seemed to enjoy it. 

Christmas Eve was new jammies, watching Santa on NORAD and putting out Santa and the reindeers' snack. Then the Weans went off to bed after hearing The Night Before Christmas, but I had to lie between them and sing every Christmas carol I could think of to get them to calm down. 

Mouse was mesmerised by the Santa Tracker on NORAD's site.
The kids couldn't resist sampling the Santa snacks, but seemed to prefer the carrots to the cookies. I somehow messed up my Great Aunt's sugar cookie recipe for the first time and they came out totally wrong. Sorry, E, they've been brilliant every other time I've made them.

The next morning Mouse was the first up, but I remembered to lock the stair gate so he couldn't get at anything. There were definite signs of a midnight visit. 

He waited patiently, but luckily didn't have to wait long. We hooked up with my mum on Skype, so she could watch the pressie carnage. The Weans seemed to like all their gifts, except Mouse wasn't impressed by the Horrible History type books I bought on William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, bit too old for him, I think. 

Bumpshie enjoyed the chocolate panettone we had for first breakfast. That's her smiling into the flash, not grimacing, honest. 

The boys weren't interested in food really, just wanted to play with their toys. Angry Birds, a computer games, is a big hit with Mouse and his friends, so he got lots of Angry Bird toys. 

Bumptious loves her baby buggy. 

And the Chief was kept out of any trouble by having to build several Lego Star Wars' toys that have all been dismantled since. Luckily Foo's zoo was a much easier build. 

So Christmas was a success here, though I'd have much preferred to be somewhere with friends and family. We miss you all and hope you had a lovely holiday. 

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