Thursday, November 3, 2011


Not many photo to show as we were mostly there to visit friends and the stomach bugs took some time off our trip, but it was still a good trip. 

Yes, I was happy to be back. Norway was a breath of fresh air after Finland.

Our main reason for being in Bryne, visiting the new baby and to lend a hand. 

A child's playhouse or a troll's?

Notice the Foo's bright red cheeks, the beginning of his turn at the bug.

With all of us almost over the bug we took a walk up to Tinghaug, an ancient site, our last day.  It was my only chance to do my photography project which I wanted to do on the stones and stone walls of Jaeren which always stick in my mind when I think of living there. 

Mouse is not one for hiding his feelings, he did not enjoy the walk up.

But sometimes the little pleasures make the struggle worth it.

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