Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After All

After a weekend of Finnish lessons my brain is frazzled.

After actually using some of what I learned at a meeting today, I'm chuffed, if a bit hyper-critical because I know I made mistakes, lots of mistakes. 

After hearing that we will probably be going back to Scotland in the spring unless something unforeseen happens with Isä's work, I'm confused and torn.

After trying to figure out what to do about the kids' schooling in Scotland I'm scunnered.

After yet another night of broken sleep I'm exhausted.

After a day of standing outside for too long and the temp creeping too close to 0C for my liking I'm cold.

After thinking I might have another four months of this weather and maybe worse I'm depressed.

After I think about the good things in my life as crazy, hectic, unpredictable, exhausting, screamy, grumpy, chaotic and unperfect they may be, 

I realise I am extremely grateful for every one of them.

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