Monday, October 24, 2011

Oslo, A Hop, Skip and a Cough Away

About half-way through our Norwegian adventure and I'd thought I'd check in. I will post my pictures later, but I wanted to get this all down while it's fresh.

I don't want to jinx anything . . .

but so far it's been a really good trip. . . well, ok, Mouse has another nasty cough and the other Weans and I seem to be getting it as well. We're all sharing a room as we cough though the night (poor Chief) which maybe isn't ideal, but other than that things have gone well.

It was a good idea to split the two flights up onto two days. The flight was an hour and a half, relatively short and the Weans were entertained for most of the way. Foo had one meltdown when I wouldn't let him climb under the seats to get to the Chief, but we managed to distract him. Thanks to my friend's brilliant instructions, we made all our connections for the train and even though my phone didn't work a nice Norwegian offered to loan us his mobile so we could call my mate to have her meet us at the end station.

Staying at my friend's house has turned out better than expected. I was a bit worried about having 6 kids under 9 under one roof, but they've managed to keep each other entertained without killing each other. Mouse and the eldest Norsk-Aussie boy bonded over a mutual love of Clone Wars and we've hardly seen Mousie since. Every time we've wanted to go do something we had to pry them off the Playstation or away from the Lego Star Wars toys.

Foo and the littlest Norssie who is also 3 played near each other in that odd toddler way, but occasionally would meet over a Tombliboo or polar bear. They also loved feeding the cat together and I heard little Foo talking in the middle of the night last night when someone woke him coughing, saying 'KaaTT', just like she had been correcting him earlier that day.

The middle Norskling was ill with her own nasty cough and spent most of the weekend in bed, so hopefully we don't swap Norsk for Finnish germs. Bumpshie was just happy to have a whole playroom full of new toys and lots of kids to steal things from and to play with.

They all speak English really well as that's what my friend speaks to them, so communication wasn't an issue. How nice it is to be able to make out the signs in the streets or to glance at a newspaper and get the gist of it. I miss understanding the world around me.

The Chief and I have had a lovely time talking to my friend and her husband, catching up with the last 8 years. Strange last time we met we had 1 child between us and now we officially have a bus-load. Our first full day we took the kids out to the statue-filled Frogner Park and then up to Holmkollen to see the big ski jump which was almost totally hidden by mist and to have a hot chocolate at the top of the hill. It would have been a nice view of the city, except for the mist.

Today was a work and school day, so the Chief and I took our Weans into town, down to the harbour, up to the Castle to see the incredibly slow and fanfare-less changing of the guards. Mousie liked it though, marching up and down while we waited for the soldiers to do something besides stare at each other. We also walked down the main shopping street past more statues and had some more food. As usual we are eating tons of holiday foods. Boller, yum! Lots of fresh air and walking which wore Foo out so much that he fell asleep before the bus came and is now still awake 2 hours after his regular bedtime. This is why I dropped his nap, so poking him with sticks tomorrow will resume as usual if he tries to fall asleep.

Tomorrow a mid-day flight to the West Coast. Rogaland here we come.

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