Thursday, October 6, 2011

Into October

Finland does Autumn rather well. It has its cold, wet, windy days, but then it breaks into a cool crisp proper autumn day when sweaters are welcomed and hats can still be fashion accessories and not life savers. 

Don't ask me why I always start with the weather report. I do it in my poetry as well, maybe it's a way of grounding myself, setting the scene. 

So, here we are - October. Yesterday was golden and glorious, today was wet and wild. Yellow birch leaves clung to everything, the boys fished for red leaves out of the gutters, the eighty euros I spent a few days ago to replace Foo and my shoddy wellies were totally worth it. Foo's odd gait had burst the seams on his after 2 months and I just wear mine constantly so I'm hoping I've found pairs that will survive our rough wearing. 

For those of us with kids, Autumn is the beginning of the cold and flu season. Poor Bumptious has been hit by one virus after another for the past month or so. The boys' have had their share of years like this, but seem to be less bothered now. I'm hoping the early battering builds strong immune systems. 

Mousie had one morning of a tight cough this week, but it only lasted a short time, so hopefully we will see less croup with him now. With Foo, you just can't tell. He doesn't seem to understand illness and injury that well with himself, so a bad mood could be the beginning of a cold, a nasty ear infection or just a bad mood. He's been pretty good though, so 'touch wood' we won't have too many triple whammy bugs this year.

Tried this weekend while the sun was being cooperative to take some birthday photos. I like to take proper posing pictures of the kids around their birthday. They hate it, I love the process and the outcome. 

He was claiming he was dying for a pee. Mean Mummy making him stay until I got a decent one. It was a mixed bag, but I'll save the better ones for Mousie's birthday update though the ones like this are much more fun. But I may try to take some more later as Isä got me my birthday present today - a 50mm lens for my camera. So I'll be driving everyone nuts practicing with that. 

Bumpshie has been talking more and more everyday and is that precociously cute stage of asserting her independence with a cute baby voice. It won't last, she likes the words No and More too much. We actually have conversations now which mostly involve me wheedling her to do something I want and her deciding to do her own thing anyway. My kids start young. 

She's also developed this quirky smile when she knows I'm going to take a photo. I'm not sure where it's come from, but looking back at older photos it's been around for a while. 

Though she does have a more charming natural one.  

Didn't inherit those looks and charm from me. Gorgeous. 

Not much else going on. Thinking about a holiday, but not booked anything yet. Will keep you informed. 

Enjoy these hazy days of Autumn.

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